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The only counties we service are: Anne Arundel County, MD Carroll County, MD Frederick County, MD Howard County, MD Montgomery County, MD Washington County, MD
Most common is Residential or Agricultural
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Length x Width
Typically 2' of clearance is needed for an overhead door. Ex: 12' ceiling height will allow for a 10'Tall overhead door.
4:12 is standard.
1 Foot Gable Overhangs?
1 Foot EAVE overhangs are standard.
Seamless Gutters & Down Spouts?
Attic Storage (Room Truss)?
A "room" truss refers to a truss system designed to accommodate a 2nd story room. This option comes with 1 set of steps and plywood floor in the second level. This option is costly compared to standard trusses.
Porch or Lean-To?
A "Porch" has no walls. A "Lean-to" is enclosed with walls accessible by a door, through the main building, or by leaving one wall open.
If a PORCH is chosen, please specify if you would like the beam and posts to be maintenance free or "wrapped". Also, if you would like a steel ceiling under the porch - this helps keep unwanted birds out.
Garage Style (Overhead) or Barn doors (Slider) *
Typically we require 2Feet of clearance for the overhead doors. Ex: 12' ceiling height would allow a 10' tall overhead door. Common sizes of overhead doors: 12' x 12', 10' x 10', 9' x 8', 8' x 9', 8' x 7' - other sizes available.
# of Entry Doors?
3/0 9-lite doors are standard.
Windows throughout the building?
3' x 3' or 3' x 4' are standard sizes.
Concrete Floor?
(Standard 4" SLAB is 3500PSI 4" concrete, 4" stone, vapor barrier, and wire reinforcement)
Wall Insulation?
Insulation throughout the building is not typical. If you choose to insulate, a STEEL liner is recommended and will be included.
Ceiling Insulation?
Insulating the building is not typical. If you choose to insulate, a STEEL liner is recommended and will be included.
Snowbirds On Roof Steel?
Typical is 36" high steel.
Cupola(s) with Weathervane?
Does the proposed building site have at least 20' of clearance on all 4 sides?
Date Building Is Needed By
Date Building Is Needed By
Any Excavation Needed?
If yes, please explain a little about what is needed